Embrace what people like to use

People like to use what they are familiar with when authoring and communicating requirements, and Microsoft Office is the most popular toolset for creating requirements.

Instead of purchasing and learning large, complex unfamiliar Requirements Definition platforms, we felt it was a better strategy to extend tools and platforms you are already familiar with (eg MS Office) with better requirements definition capabilities

We decided to focus on PowerPoint and TFS initially as PowerPoint is a very popular tool for creating storyboards and UI mockups. As powerful as PowerPoint is, powerWIREFRAME adds a robust library of UI Controls you can drag and drop onto slides to craft your UI designs. In addition, powerSTORYBOARD takes a significant step further by incorporating the ability to define Use Cases with main flows and alternate flow and allow you to associated UI Wireframes with each step in the use case to create a “use case storyboard”. PowerStoryboard also allows you to generate your test cases and export these test cases to Word, Excel and TFS (Team Foundation Server).

Founder: Martin Crisp

Martin spent the first half of his 23 year career working for large systems integrators such as EDS and Accenture, as well as being a founder of eMersion, an early eCommerce startup, subsequently acquired by Deloitte Consulting, to help build their eBusiness practice.

The second half of Martin’s career has been as CTO in multiple product software companies with the most recent being Blueprint Software.

These experiences have given Martin a unique perspective on what it takes to build both product and systems software along with different techniques and tools for defining, communicating and validating software requirements.

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PowerStory is a division of Corovest Inc.