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If you cannot connect to MS TFS Service…install this patch from MS

Because the “TFS Object Model” library available from Microsoft is only for TFS2010, when our install installs it, it will only allow you to connect to TFS 2010.  However we found that Microsoft had to release a patch for Visual Studio 2010 in or for it to communicate with TFS 2012.  That patch updates the “TFS Object model” so that it can communicate with TFS 2012. 

Here is a link to that VS patch, which will fix the issue.


Skydrive related issues (1976, 2000, 1972)

If you use SKYDRIVE to store your documents, please be aware of the following issues:

1) ID 1976: If you try to use the powerstory feature to attach your powerpoint file to a TFS workitem, it will fail when using PowerPoint 2013.  This is because PowerPoint 2013 deals with skydrive differently.  Because it stores the powerpoint file directly into skydrive first and then syncs with your local drive a temporary file we create during the attachment process can’t be found by powerpoint 2013.

2) ID 2007: PowerStory does not save the WORK ITEM ID in the PPT file after generating test when the powerpoint file is stored in a skydrive folder.  As such the user must find workitem using the powerstory feature to search for workitems in TFS each time a test case is generated.

3) ID 1972: SKYDRIVE: test case names & titles include %20 instead of a space. (powerpoint 2013 only and when the file is on skydrive)


Install Issues

START HERE: Here is a link to a blog post that describe the installation process


To help you install PowerStory here are some things to keep in mind.

1) When the installer is packaged in a zip file, extract the zip file and open up the PowerStory directory and run the setup.exe file, not the RS.PPAddIn.Setup.msi file.  The setup.exe file will make sure that you also download and install the following pre-requisites in the following order.


2) Somtimes the installer will fail to install these above three libraries.  Often the cause is a lack of admin privileges.  Make sure you run the installer as an Admin or get someone with admin rights to run the installer for you.


 Depending on your version of windows and your version of office, PowerStory is dependent on different versions (e.g. 32 bit or 64 bit) of Microsoft Libraries


For example, for a Windows 7 64 bit, with office 2010 32 bit the following must be installed within your computer, if for some reason the PowerStory installer fails to install these for you.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 redistributables  (both 64 and 32 bit)  (32 bit)  (64 bit)

VSTO 64 and 32

 This link no longer seems to work…

so use this one instead…

Tfs object model


Which is depends on

.net 3.5 sp1 full package

.net 4.0 Client Profile

.net 4.0 full web installer


Or….the standalone installer below

.net 4.0 full standalone installer

Primary interop assembly 

You will need the office 2010 version located here if you use office 2010