What is powerWIREFRAME

PowerWIREFRAME is a plugin for PowerPoint that makes it easy to create UI Wireframes in PowerPoint, by dragging and dropping UI Controls from a robust (over 800 UI Controls) searchable library onto your slides.

A PowerPoint plugin for creating Wireframes

Drag and drop over 800 UI Controls from the UI Controls Library, onto your slides

powerwireframe ui control library 1

Easily find UI Controls with type ahead search

type ahead search filters the library as you type

Unlimited design possibilities

Add your own UI Controls to this library and share them with your team.

powerwireframe add your own ui controls 2

Easily share UI Controls via Import Export

powerwireframe - share your ui controls 3

Mobile Designs

powerwireframe - windows phone example
powerwireframe iphone example

Bootstrap designs

powerwireframe bootstrap example

powerwireframe - boostrap example 2

SAP UI5 Web Framework Designs

powerwireframe sap ui5 example

Sharepoint Designs

powerwireframe sharepoint example

Windows 8 Designs

powerwireframe - windows 8 example

Low Fidelity Sketchy Designs

powerwireframe - sketchy ui wireframe

See powerWIREFRAME in action with this 60 second video

Smart UI Controls – Make your life easier!