How-to Videos

The first video below provides an overview of both PowerWIREFRAME and PowerSTORYBOARD by building a sample “Use Case Storyboard” from scratch. The other videos on this page are small videos targeted to teach you one aspect of the products.

Overview Training Video

Build a Sample Use Case Storyboard from Scratch

License Activation

Activating your License


Creating Use Case Storyboards

Opening up the Use Case Storyboard Steps editor

Creating Main Flows and Alternate Flows

Deleting and Moving Use Case Steps

Adding links from one step to another step

Presentation Mode Walkthroughs

Presentation Mode – Navigating using the steps editor

Presentation Mode – Navigating without using the steps editor

Team Foundation Server Integration

Configuring TFS Connection

Attaching your PowerPoint file to a TFS Workitem

Generating Test Cases and exporting them to TFS

Test Case Generation

Generating Test Cases and exporting them to Word

generating Test Cases and export them to Excel


UI Control Library Basics

Opening up the UI Controls Library

Adding a UI Control to your slide from the UI Controls Library

Searching for a UI Control

Save time by using Smart UI Controls

Extending the UI Controls library

Adding your own UI Controls

Sharing UI Controls through Export/Import

Organizing your UI Control Library

Manipulating the UI Control Shapes

Re-sizing UI Controls

Reducing Rework through Reuse

Reduce Rework by leveraging the Slide Master


How to Change ICON Colors