Installation Issues when you use Office 365 and Windows 8+

We have noticed that you can run into installation issues when using Office 365 on Windows 8.1

Problem 1: The Prerequisite “Microsoft Primary Interop Assembly” fails to Install.

The key issue is that one of the Microsoft Pre-Requisites (the Microsoft Office Primary Interop Assembly) that we normally install during our setup process fails to install. It seems that Office 365 is including a newer version of the “Microsoft Office Primary Interop Assembly” with the installation of office 365. Our installer is not able to detect the existence of this newer “Microsoft Office Primary Interop Assembly and therefore tries to install “Microsoft Office Primary Interop Assembly 2010”.

This is an problem you will run into with both PowerWIREFRAME and PowerSTORYBOARD installations.


Uncheck the box that is asking you to install the “Office 2010 Primary Interop Assemblies” as shown below



Problem 2: The Prerequisite “Microsoft TFS Client Object Library” Fails to install (PowerSTORYBOARD only)

When you try to install PowerSTORYBOARD you will see an error message indicating that the “Microsoft TFS client object library” failed to install. This is because that Library depends on .NET 3.5 which is not by default installed on Windows 8+.


It is very easy to resolve this issue. You first need to open up the “Windows Control Panel”. Switch to the Windows start window and select search. Type in “control panel” and you should see the “control panel” application show up. Select it to run the control panel. On Windows 8.1 you can stay in the desktop mode and just right click on the windows icon in the lower left hand corner of the window and select “control panel”.

You should now see the Windows Control Panel like the image below. Now click on the “Uninstall a program” button


You should now see the Programs and Features Dialog. Click on the “Turn Windows features on or off

You will now see a “Windows Features” dialog show up. Make sure the “.NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)” is checked off as shown in the image below. By Default when windows 8+ is installed this is not checked. Now click on the OK button and follow the prompts to install the .NET 3.5 libraries. This may ask you to reboot your system afterwards for the installation to be properly setup. If it does, then reboot your system.

Now re-run the installer for PowerSTORYBOARD. When you see the “Prerequisites” dialog make sure “office 2010 Primary interop Assembliesis NOT checked and the “TFS Client Object ModelIS checked. Then click next and follow the installation prompts.



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Martin Crisp
CEO, PowerStory