Stop the insanity of multiple copies of your requirements specifications floating around in eMail inboxes

If you are like most people I talk to, you hate all the versions and copies of requirements documents that fly around within emails. The good news is that the advancements in cloud based solutions for office in the form of skydrive and office 365, really provide you with the opportunity to eliminate this pain point.

  • With SkyDrive, everyone has access to the same version of the requirements documents you produce!
  • Pass around the links…not the documents!
  • Edit the Documents at the same time! Yes Really!
  • You can even view and edit these documents directly in your browser, but you still have the option of working offline using your desktop version of office.
  • When you create links between documents (e.g for traceability) those links won’t get broken even if you move the document to another folder in skydrive.

The one thing skydrive does not really offer is what I would refer to as “requirements management” capabilities. By this I mean the ability to sort and organize your requirements/features lists by additional data such as “priority”, “status”, “owner” etc.

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