What is powerSTORYBOARD

PowerSTORYBOARD allows you to Prototype your Use Cases in PowerPoint using what we call Use Case Storyboards and also automatically generate your Functional Test Cases

Communicate requirements more clearly using the concept of “Use Case Storyboards”

At the heart of powerSTORYBOARD, is defining and presenting your requirements with a “Use Case Storyboard”, which is an integration of the concepts behind “Use Cases”, “Wireframes or UI Mockups”, and “Storyboards”.

To do this we added a “Use Case Steps Editor” to PowerPoint…

powerstoryboard - use case editor

..where You can define main flow steps and alternate flow steps.

powerstoryboard - use case editor - adding alternate flows

Each step is associated with a Wireframe

Create UI Wireframes in PowerPoint using powerWIREFRAME

powerstoryboard - use case editor - associate each step with a wireframe

Use Case Storyboard walkthroughs allow you to simulate your Use Cases

We can automatically insert navigation links and the step text onto your slides

powerstoryboard - use case storyboard simulation - inserted navigation links

…or you can navigate using the the steps editor, while in presentation mode

powerstoryboard - use case storyboard simulation - use steps editor for navigation in pres mode

Why you should adopt Use Case Storyboards

Reduces duplication

Traditionally a use case with main and alternate flows will translate into multiple linear storyboards with a lot of the steps and their wireframes duplicated. This happens because the main flow steps need to be duplicated into each of the linear storyboards. powerSTORYBOARD avoids this duplication by sharing the common steps.

Reduces Conflicting Requirements

Rather than having your user interaction flow described across the traditionally separate deliverables of use cases, wireframes and storyboards, powerSTORYBOARD combines them into one deliverable ensuring they always stay in sync.

Communicates Requirements More Clearly

In addition to the reduction of conflicting requirements adding clarity,… by allowing your stakeholders, developers and testers to simulate the use cases, they gain a better understanding of the requirements.

Test Case Generation keeps your test cases up to date and 100% accurate.

powerSTORYBOARD will also generate test cases for each unique path through the “use case” and export these test cases to Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), Word and Excel. This will not only save you a significant amount of your project budget normally dedicated to creating test cases by manually translating requirements into test cases, but will also ensure your test cases are 100% consistent with your requirements.

Generate your test cases based on your Use Case Storyboards

powerstoryboard - generate test cases - to team foundation server TFS

Export these test cases to Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS)

powerstoryboard - generate test cases - to TFS - sample test case

Export the test cases to MS Excel

powerstoryboard - generate test cases - to Excel

Export the test cases to MS Word

powerstoryboard - generate test cases - to Word

See powerSTORYBOARD in action in this short video